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From the harshest of climates comes the finest of produce. Central Otago produces internationally acclaimed wines such as Three Miners award winning wines from Earnscleugh Valley, whose vineyard is next door to Wildpure. Due to the climatic extremes Central fruit is crisp and full of flavour. Dedicated artisan producers and gourmands produce amazing products such as the Provisions award winning jams and chutneys. The spectacular flavours emanating from Centrals‘ nectarines, apples, pears and berries are encapsulated in Benger Gold premium fruit beverages from the heart of Central Otago. 

The discerning food enthusiast can find the best of Central Otago gourmet food at Gourmet Galleria in Historic Clyde, showcasing the best from Central and beyond. Those in the know also use the Tarras Country Store as suppliers of the best gourmet groceries from  Central Otago and around New Zealand. Be sure to stop in if you are passing through Tarras on State Highway 8. To learn about what may be New Zealands best clover honey, visit Marsh’s Honey website to learn the story  of the sublime Marshs Honey  from Ettrick.