Welcome to the home of wild pure honey! Wildpure is a small family beekeeping business producing organic honey in Central Otago, New Zealand.  Here we tell you our story so that you can get closer to the source of New Zealands’ finest certified organic honeys.

The owners of Wildpure, the Adamsons, have been commercial beekeepers since 1906.  Click here to learn about the history of Adamsons’ Honey and Wildpure. Since that time we have been striving to produce some of New Zealands’ best honey.

The certified organic honeys we produce are clover honey, wild thyme honey and kanuka honey. We also produce organic beeswax, organic bee pollen and propolis.

Here we share the health properties of thyme honey. We have also collected some great Central Otago honey recipes. Central Otago is home to many gourmet and boutique producers and retailers of fine food. Enjoy!